Why the Left Wants to Rid Society of God, and the Religion of Wokeness:

“You can take the man away from God, but you can never take God away from the man,” the old saying goes. Progressives seek to expunge God from society because He is the antithesis to their secular utopia. There is a reason they are progressive, and the opposition is conservative. Progressives are revolutionary. They seek to destroy and replace, while conservatives seek to preserve for the sake of their posterity. Traditional society has its roots in the doctrine of two natures, amalgamating the transcendent and physical realms into one emulsion. Therefore, in order for the left to prevail, they need to turn the culture away from God.

Nevertheless, once God is adequately extracted, people will still put their faith into apparatuses like the state or political movements such as Black Lives Matter. Humans seek the stability and comfort derived from an authoritative figure or standard. If atheism were simply a dismissal of the concept of God, one would assume there to be a normal distribution of atheists across the political spectrum. But this is not at all the case. Atheism is almost exclusive to authoritarian leftism, and so it is evident these people merely replace one authority with another. God is the only thing barring the left from amassing total control over the populace. When God is removed, the state and its political agendas become the administrators of moral culpability.

We see this playing out today. While many refuse to kneel for God, they unhesitatingly genuflect at the whims of minorities, climate change, police brutality, and other arbitrary causes. The element of faith is still present. A Woke political narrative effectively acts as a surrogate for a creed. Accordingly, this political narrative has its own tenets and means of worship. It has its own warped style of confession and atonement, i.e., conceding one's "privilege." It even has its own messiah figures. Take George Floyd, for instance. Despite being arrested on nine separate occasions, he was hailed as a martyr by the Woke community.

As a means of expiation for their past sins, adherents of the religion of Wokeness sacrifice others. And who better than the non-woke or heretics? Proponents of the Woke Church will dox, insult, and do everything else in their power to rupture the lives of those who deviate. Amid rioting in Portland, Oregon, a member of Antifa, one of many denominations of Wokeness, shot and killed a Trump supporter in cold blood, not because his life was in immediate danger, but because conservative ideas are threatening towards the promulgation of Wokeness. Hence, American patriots need to slow the cancer that is Wokeness before it devours its host: the American establishment.

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