White Liberals Have Bias Against Themselves:

CNN's Don Lemon is quoted saying that white men are the “biggest terror threat" in the United States. If you couldn’t already tell, this is not rhetoric characteristic of good intentions. It is not rhetoric that insinuates a longing for peace, equity, and harmony. Anti-white sentiments on the left have escalated over the last few months amidst the Black Lives Matter saga. White people are treated as if they are culpable for the heinous, reprehensible actions of antecedent generations of whites in America.

It is odd, however, because whites constitute a large portion of those on the left. It implies that they hate themselves and thus have a bias against those of their own race. Unsurprisingly, white liberals are the only group who, on the net, prefer other racial groups to their own. We know that white liberals show more sympathy towards minorities in poverty than they do towards whites in poverty.

It all stems back to why people turn to the left in the first place. Liberals have much lower self-esteem than conservatives. But it is not that upon adhering to liberalism, one’s self-esteem diminishes, but rather low self-esteem often induces a subscription to liberalism. Data suggests that we can shift someone's political views to the right by increasing their self-esteem before administering a political evaluation. To put it bluntly, white liberals endorse the anti-white sentiments of Black Lives Matter because they despise themselves.

But it is not only self-hate that galvanizes anti-white racism. The American tradition starts at the Founding Fathers, who set in place certain guidelines that were intended to be preserved by subsequent generations of comparable Americans. Of those who built the country, and of those who have the deepest roots in the country, the vast majority are white. Since America’s inception, it has effectively remained a bi-racial country, with a black minority complementing a prodigious white majority. The left seeks to destroy and replace America as we know it, and thus, they must expunge any hereditary vestiges tied to America’s upbringing. They must also suppress anyone who seeks to preserve America, and those who have the most ancestral ties, white people, will invariably be those who have the greatest incentive to conserve. American patriots must stand strong against bigoted movements who seek nothing more than to strip America of all her substance.

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