The Psychology Behind Today’s Liberals, and How it Leads to Polarization:

Insecurity is one of the main predictors of a person identifying as left-wing. It creates a negative perception of oneself, and thus, liberals feel as if they are inadequate to fare in a competitive environment. It is undisputed that they have higher rates of mental illness; liberals are statistically unhappier than their conservative counterparts. Their lives are devoid of transcendent meaning. Nonetheless, they have a genetic predisposition towards self-interest, just like every other human, and every other organism. For liberals, gravitation towards a system that promises egalitarianism is in their self-perceived best interest.

Liberals project their internal struggles onto political movements such as Black Lives Matter because they feel as though they understand the hardships these groups claim they are facing. Liberals believe they can connect through shared adversity, and this gives them a sense of greater purpose in their lives. They place the burden of emancipation from whatever arbitrary obstacles these “oppressed” groups may or may not be facing, on themselves.

Humans desire something to conquer or overcome. When one has everything handed to them their entire lives, they tend to create struggle, or, they align with the legitimate struggles of another. It is no coincidence that people who experienced the ills of communism can attest to the dangers of the ideology, while many of today’s proponents of Marx’s ideas are white teens who seldom venture out of the suburbs.

Ever notice that liberals are quick to end friendships over nothing more than political disagreements? Because they are so emotionally invested in their cause, liberals look at those who disagree not merely as someone who challenges their ideas, but as an enemy who deserves to be eliminated at all costs. Said enemy stands as a threat not only to the movement they are fighting for but to their sense of purpose, because their entire sense of purpose is conditioned on the tenets they support.

Today, we’re more divided than ever. Political quarrels no longer revolve around which tax code is superior or whether or not we should keep our troops in the Middle East. It has become a personal battle between opposing sides who share one goal in mind: utter annihilation of their opponent. Unique ideas are often shot down by the infamous yet pervasive labels “racist” and “homophobic.” Is this sense of polarization and inability to compromise patriotic in any fashion?

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