The Linkage Between Liberalism and Social Justice:

From ostentatious social media posts to entire tomes written on the subject, the idea of social justice is all-pervasive. Not at all coincidentally, its prevalence has coincided with an ever-liberalized culture conducive to perpetual blame and limited rumination.

One of the core tenets of liberalism is the blank slate theory, the idea that everyone is born at an equal starting point and subsequently shaped by their environment, and only their environment. Before interaction with external stimuli, all humans are thoroughly and unequivocally equal. The blank slate theory was interpreted in two distinct ways, breeding outwardly dissimilar strains of liberalism, which, upon further examination, were born out of the same idea and strive towards the same end goal.

Classical liberalism, composed of thinkers like John Locke, Adam Smith, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, proffered a felicitous economic system in juxtaposition to the blank slate theory. Capitalism would allow those who worked the hardest to receive the entire fruits of their labor and those plagued with apathy and ineptitude to bear its externalities. If all humans are equal, the onus of failure can and ought to be placed entirely on those who capitulate. The meritocratic nature of capitalism was so appealing that previously mercantile economics quickly began to adopt liberal economic principles. As time went on, however, wealth inequality under capitalist systems amplified, and rather than contemplating the validity of the blank slate theory, contemporaries began to blame varying human environments for the staunch inequalities.

The postulate of innate human egalitarianism is abused today by modern liberals to promote “social justice.” Because all humans are born as a blank slate, progressive liberalism contends that the only barrier preventing everyone from obtaining identical social statuses must be their unique environments. This dangerous notion has allowed successful demographics, particularly white people, to be indicted as beneficiaries of exclusive and unshared privilege, implied by their sheer affluence. This premise has created leeway for the government-facilitated redistribution of wealth from the successful to the non-successful because, according to liberalism, and with little scientific basis, the non-successful were simply restrained by their unfavorable environment, with heredity playing little to no role.

Using the spurious blank slate theory as the baseline for all else allows purported oppression to be isolated as a causal factor. Consequently, immutable considerations like IQ differences, the primary determinant for long-term success, educational output, and workforce productivity are rendered negligible.

Hierarchy is inherent to the human species. Virtually every civilization throughout human history has formed some sort of structural hierarchy, whether it be a caste system, a system of estates, or an aristocracy. When feudalism's ubiquity in Europe began to wither away in the 1500s, the staunch divide between the aristocracy and the serfs, the driving force for serfdom emancipation, morphed into a jarring severance between a professional and peasant class. American patriots must wake up to the misguided doctrine of social justice and recognize the crux of the issue.

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