Neoliberalism and the Direction of the GOP:

Secondary to the horrors of World War II, a newfound approach rose to prominence among academia. So as to avoid authoritarianism and great conflict, society must be anti-metaphysical. It was thought that concepts such as culture and religion are gateways to submission, existing only to restrict the “open society,” as British philosopher Karl Popper put it. Accordingly, the truth must be restricted to falsifiable claims, and because the utility of metaphysical concepts cannot be affirmed empirically, their influence must be expunged.

These ideas amalgamated in decades of neoliberal politics; legislation intended to achieve the idealistic “open society” envisioned by post-war intellectuals. Free trade and mass immigration to maintain an exuberant flow of ideas and people, and frivolous warmongering to ensure liberal democracy worldwide dominated mainstream politics. The idea of national sovereignty was abandoned in pursuit of a free and peaceful world.

But the outcome was far from that which was desired. What was once a vigorous, buoyant, and spirited middle class is crumbling as aggregate income goes increasingly to oligarchs. Ordinary Americans leading ordinary lives are mocked and shunned. Their livelihoods are seen as vestiges of a past best forgotten. Globalism by design works to aid those at the top, irrespective of any broader considerations.

It is no coincidence that reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald J. Trump was elected President in 2016. It was quite predictable, in retrospect. His nomination to the Oval Office was a pithy response to decades of woes endured by everyday Americans. Trump’s aforementioned victory was galvanized almost exclusively by the Rust Belt, blue-collar Americans who had been given the blind eye at the devious hands of global special interests. Trump went against the grain cultivated by his predecessors, and it is the same reason why society’s elites want him exiled. He is the living indictment of a ruthless, egocentric, and selfish ruling class; a jarring threat to the status quo, which has fostered an apathetic, luxurious existence for those in power.

Since the 1960s, the GOP has unknowingly defended the merits of free trade, mass immigration, and forever wars, in fear of opposing the divine forces of the market. They have essentially acted as a catalyst for the left’s progression into radical leftism, and this alarming truth is precisely why today’s GOP must embrace Trumpism. Since his inauguration, Donald Trump resisted the long-standing neoliberal orthodoxy championed by a fraudulent Republican Party. Trumpism addresses the issues that matter to the general populace, alleviates the pleas of everyday Americans, and offers pragmatic solutions for purposes of mitigating the trickle effects of neoliberalism. The GOP in its current state is not at all a threat to the status quo, and only upon the endorsement of populist, nationalistic ideas will they mirror their former grandeur and begin to rival the establishment. Is today’s GOP patriotic?

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