America’s Polarization and What it Means For Our Future:

History is inherently cyclical. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is displayed saliently from the rise and fall of historical superpowers, often by their own doing, capitulating to the same struggles that subverted their predecessors. America’s severe political polarization, the likes of which we have not encountered since the Vietnam War-era, is precisely the type of environment conducive to authoritarianism. From the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution, and even early 20th century Germany, history has shown that instability breeds domineering autocrats.

The axis around which America’s stratification derives its fuel is none other than the mainstream media. News pundits distort the truth to make headlines more appealing, concomitantly sacrificing the integrity of the press. Each respective outlet covers different stories or covers the same stories with varying degrees of bias, convoluting the free-flow of information. As a result, drastically dissimilar and esoteric views in regards to the future trajectory of America have spawned, infecting mainstream politics and spurring division.

If our staunch polarization continues to exponentiate and perpetuate, we will likely see the rise of totalitarianism in the United States.

This thesis was upheld in 2016 upon the election of President Donald Trump. Trump was essentially a lower-level embodiment of the inevitable autocrat I speak of. He was never the ideal politician, but he is exactly who we needed to wake us from our dormancy. A man of great conviction, he is arguably one of the most authoritarian presidents the U.S. has ever entertained. Trump’s platform was certainly abnormal, but overwhelmingly enticing to a disillusioned, disenfranchised populace in need of restoration and rectification.

Today, President-Elect Joe Biden and his coalition are preaching tenets of unity and healing, ironically from the very division they sewed. Over the last four years, the institutions and the media, deluged with left-wing moguls, have incessantly painted all Republicans, conservatives, or anyone to the right of center, frankly, as morally reprehensible. Healing in the context of the human body is a gradual return to homeostasis. Adjusted for the political realm, “homeostasis” is the neoliberal status quo, the very same status quo Donald Trump potently rivaled. He exposed the deep state for its chasmic corruption and unscrupulousness, and yet, he is blamed for their malfeasance. Ultimately, the United States must come together and restore order, but not under the guise of “healing” touted by establishment Democrats who seek nothing but to lull American patriots into submission.

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